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TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. TENS electrotherapy device pads, also called electrodes, are applied to a patient's body and connect to the TENS unit by a wire which transmits an electrical current. The light electrical current from the TENS unit is used to help patients better manage chronic pain, pain after surgery or joint and muscle pain.

OrthoTrode Brand TENS Electrodes

OrthoTrodeTM, from Orthoco, is our newest line of reusable TENS/EMS electrodes that are manufactured to our specifications. The OrthoTrode brand TENS electrodes were developed as a result of the feedback that we receive from our customers. The latest feedback has been directed toward squeezing more treatment sessions out of a set of TENS electrodes. Our OrthoTrode brand TENS pads are made of cloth and foam, and contain a thicker gel adhesive that is tackier than other brands that we've carried in the past.

Over the last several years, we have carefully selected our reusable TENS unit electrodes to ensure they perform to our expectations. These are the very same EMS and TENS electrodes used by local, regional, and national rehabilitation clinics that we work with and, based on their positive feedback, we're very comfortable with our recommendations. Whether you are looking to purchase TENS pads or TENS electrodes, we consider these to be the same.

"I've used these electrodes for several years, and I only get them from OrthoCo! Best customer service around!"
K.K. (Oklahoma) 


How to Maximize the Use of TENS Pads

First and foremost you want to ensure that your TENS pads operate as efficiently as possible. Please remember that skin preparation is paramount to getting the most out of your TENS electrodes. Always clean the skin thoroughly before use.

Placement of the TENS pads is crucial. Pads should be placed directly over the areas of pain so the electrical current can pass through to the nerves underneath. If placed properly the electrical current will replace pain signals that the nerve creates, thus relieving a patient of pain. However, if placed improperly the electrical current from the TENS electrodes could potentially increase pain rather than decrease it.

Getting the Most from Reusable TENS Simulation Supplies

Upon completion of treatment, peel the electrode slowly (do not pull the wire as the electrode may tear), reapply it to the plastic film that came in your package, and reseal the package.

Caution: Pulling the lead wire to remove the electrode will shorten its useful life. Instead, carefully peel from the edge of the electrode.

Note: Each TENS electrode contains a pigtail lead that accepts the standard .080-inch pin connector. You will find this configuration on most home and clinic TENS, EMS or other electrotherapy devices.

When you feel the electrodes are reaching the end of their useful life, i.e. they're just not sticking as well, try a small dab of water on the sticky surface. This may provide enough adhesion for a few more uses. Always store any electrode in a cool dry environment.


Video: How to Properly Apply (and remove) TENS Electrodes.


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