Cold Therapy

Rehab Injuries with Dynatronics Body Ice

Applying freezing temperatures to injuries has long since been the standard therapy for rehabilitating injuries. After your body senses an injury, it naturally swells to protect the area but often the swelling does not stop. Ice pack treatments help limit swelling as cold temperatures constrict tissues and veins which slow down blood flow. Cold pack treatments also slow nerve impulses and numb the damaged tissues which provide much needed pain relief.

Orthoco carries three different body ice products by Dynatronics, an advanced medical device manufacturer with over 30 years industry experience. Each heavy-duty body ice pack is filled with a flexible center to provide 30 minutes of treatment. The 22" Cervical ice pack is designed to help patients rehab neck injuries. The Standard Cold Pack (11" x 14") will provide healing relief to the upper and lower back, most joints, arms and legs, while we recommend the Oversize Cold Pack (13" x 19") for large patients and those with back injuries that would benefit from a wider area of cold pack coverage.

When stored in a residential or commercial freezer, Dynatronics Body Ice Packs will Not freeze solid and will remain flexible right out of the freezer. This is a major advantage because this flexibility ensures that the cold pack will contour perfectly with the contour of the body where placed.

Reusable Dynatronics body ice packs do not leak which is a clear advantage over using plastic bags filled with ice which can stain furniture and get clothing wet. Remember the R.I.C.E. method following an injury. R.I.C.E is short for rest, ice, compression and elevation. Whether applying a cervical cold pack, standard or oversize, be sure to place a terry towel between the skin and the cold pack. Orthoco realizes our customer?s health depends on receiving their cold pack treatments fast that is why we offer multiple shipping options.

Orthoco also recommends storing your Body Ice Cold Pack in the freezer full-time, 24/7. This will ensure that you always have a cold pack ready to go and it will extend the life of your cold pack by several years. These packs should Never be heated, microwaved, or stored in warm areas.

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