Heat Therapy

Heat Therapy & Moist Heating Pads

Heat therapy is an effective means to soothe sore muscles and painful joints by increasing blood flow and oxygen to affected areas of the body. Heat packs are simple to use and an economical means of providing pain relief for a broad range of injuries. Moist heat therapy is beneficial to an athlete?s muscles helping them recover from post-workout stiffness or more serious aliments including rheumatoid arthritis, migraines and fibromyalgia.

Moist heat packs provide a different type of therapy than dry heating pads. While dry heat pads draw moisture away from the muscles and skin, moist heading pads provide a deeper penetrating heat that some users feel better soothes their aches and pains. Orthoco?s moist heat packs are used by physical therapists, rehab professionals, doctors and chiropractors. Our selection of Cervical, Standard and Oversize moist heating pads ensure the best treatment for a patient?s needs.

Orthoco?s Cervical Heat Pack is designed to fit the human cervical vertebrae or neck bones. The reusable cervical heating pad wraps around the patient?s neck and offers up to 30 minutes of penetrating moist heat. The 10" x12" Standard Hot Pack can easy wrap around the human arm and legs. Orthoco recommends the Oversize Hot Pack (15" x 24") for larger individuals and those suffering from back pain.

Remember heat therapy should not be used until an injury has begun healing and inflammation has subsided. Cold therapy products are recommended for swollen and bruised areas. Hot packs can also be used prior to TENS electrotherapy. With more blood in the stimulated area, patients have recognized quicker and greater pain relief.

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