Kinesio Tex Gold FP


The "FP" stands for Finger Print and is the newest version of Kinesio Tex Gold from Kinesio USA. Kinesio Tex Gold FP was developed exclusively for clinical professionals. FP is referred to as the latest "ReEvolution" in Kinesio Tex tape after over 30 years of research and development. Advancements in materials and technology have enabled Dr. Kenzo Kase to re-design the Original Kinesio Tex Gold true to his original vision of how the tape was intended to function. Below are key features of the latest FP design:

  • Brings Nano-touch micro-stimulation to the epidermis and the lower layers.
  • Mimics gentle human touch yet provides more effective adhesion.
  • Utilizes a higher-grade cotton for better "breathability."
  • The cloth material features a new protected weave process for improved comfort.
  • Hypoallergenic and latex free for all patient populations.
  • Designed to be applied utilizing the traditional Kinesio Taping Method.
  • Now available in White.
  • Contains the same Water-Resistant properties of the Original Kinesio Tex Tape.


What we think:

At first glance, Kinesio Tex Gold FP appears similar to the traditional wave-patterned Kinesio Tex Gold. Upon actually applying the tape we first noticed that the FP feels slightly tackier than the prior version. This was very pleasing since the number one complaint about the Original Kinesio Tex Gold centered on lack of good adhesion. Though lack of adhesion could be partially attributed to incorrect application (like over-stretching) we always wished that the tape were a bit stickier. The second thing we noticed upon inspecting the adhesive side: the tape has more perforations, in the form of hash marks that are cut into the areas containing adhesive. These perforations will allow the Kinesio Tex Gold FP to breathe better than its predecessor.

We tested the Kinesio Tex Gold FP Tape ourselves. On a Monday morning, I applied a 10 inch strip of two inch Beige FP to the length of my inside left forearm using "paper-on" tension as recommended by Kinesio USA. I did not round the edges and no skin prep was applied. As noted, the tape not only felt tackier but it felt more flexible than I remembered. My skin was a bit on the dry side during a Pennsylvania winter in January. The tape was subjected to the rigors of my daily life: dressing, showering (yes Mom, with a wash cloth), sleeping, exercise, and sleeve-rolling (I'm constantly rolling my sleeves up and down). On the following Friday afternoon, I removed the tape. After five days, I was pleased to see that the Kinesio Tex Gold FP only exhibited very minor peeling at the ends and some minor fraying. We were more than pleased with the tape's performance over previous versions.

What will happen with the old Kinesio Tape?

Since Kinesio-USA understands that there will be end-users who prefer the old tape, the Original Kinesio Tex Gold Tape has been renamed, Kinesio Tex Classic, and is now available in two inch-wide single rolls (or boxes of six rolls each) and bulk rolls. It is not available in the one inch or three inch width rolls (these can be found with Kinesio Tex Gold FP). The length of the Classic single rolls has been reduced to 13.1 feet (4 meters) from the standard 16.4 feet. Click on the Kinesio Tex Classic link to see these products.

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