Foot Orthotics

Shoe Orthotics & Insole Replacements

When a foot is in motion a combination of bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments work together to support body weight and allow for movement. Unfortunately the human foot is prone to injury that can cause severe pain in the feet but can lead to health issues up the body in knees, hips and back. Shoe orthotics are designed to support the human foot in a way that standard insoles cannot. Orthoco?s shoe insole replacements can help stabilize and support your feet if you suffer from any of the following ailments.

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Forefoot, arch and heel pain
  • Back and joint ache
  • Weak or fallen arches
  • Aching and fatigued feet
  • Inward rolling ankles
  • Arthritis

Shoe orthotic inserts work to reduce the pressure and jolt on joints when walking or running. Orthoco shoe insole supports are flexible to fit inside shoes you already own and are manufactured from breathable fabrics that keep feet cool and limit perspiration for all day comfort. Their high sided rim design reinforces the foot and limits a foot?s inward rolling tendencies.

Please note that Orthoco carries 3/4 length shoe orthotics that requires modification to existing insoles. The toe section of the insole will remain in the top of the shoe and the replacement insole supplies by Orthoco will fit in the heel section. We recommend lining up the shoe insole support with the previous insole, cutting the old insole then do a "dry" test fit (no glue) in order to get the right fit and feel. Once this is done, use a rubber adhesive (found at any hardware store) to adhere both parts to the bottom of the shoe.

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