Exercise Bands

Cando Elastic Resistance Bands

Cando brand elastic resistance bands have helped patients recover from injuries and athletes train since 1987. Cando resistance bands are the preferred latex therapy band because they accurately duplicate the elasticity of human muscles. While other therapy bands are too weak or too strong, Cando elastic exercise bands are available in 8 levels of progressive strength to deliver the precise amount of resistance the patient requires.

Travelling to a rehab clinic on a daily or weekly basis can be time consuming and uncomfortable for individuals who prefer to rehab in the comfort of their own home. Cando exercise rubberbands can be used to train every muscle group in the convenience of one?s own home or apartment. Cando bands are constructed of a 5-inch wide, low-powder formula, are extremely lightweight and can be easily tied to any sturdy anchor at home. As your strength is recovered and the bands become easier and easier to use, there are more challenging Cando band levels to keep the rehabilitation going forward.

Athletes of all ages and skill levels have used Cando therabands for increased speed, flexibility, agility and strength building. Elastic resistance bands have been incorporated into the athlete?s daily warm-up and drills to provide additional resistance and improve their level of fitness. Cando resistance bands are found in athletic training rooms around the world and are on the packing lists of all travelling sports teams. Having an elastic resistance band allows patients and athletes to build strength and improve flexibility without having to find a gym and lift weights.

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