Orthogel: 16 oz. Pump

Orthopedic Pharmaceuticals

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Orthogel: 16 oz. Pump
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Orthogel: 16 oz. Pump. Orthogel is a topical analgesic for the fast temporary relief of pain. Orthogel contains the herb Ilex which is extracted from the South American holly shrub. When massaged into the skin, Orthogel can last up to several hours. Helps individuals who suffer from sports injuries, auto or work-related injuries, or injuries from overuse (like those weekend home improvement projects). Orthogel is used in all types of treatment settings by physical therapists, occupational therapists, chiropractors, physicians, massage therapists, and athletic trainers (just to name a few). Conditions treated include muscle pain, joint strains and sprains, neck pain, sore muscles, arthritis pain, back pain, and sore feet. You can also apply Orthogel before and after intense activities like biking, running, or kayaking. Ships to U.S. only.

Orthogel contains: ILEX Menthol Camphor PUREFLEX Glucosamine Boswellia Serratta Curcumin OptiMSM Aloe and Vitamin E


(No reviews yet) Write a Review