Leukotape Sports Tape

At Orthoco we carry assorted specialty tapes and taping accessories for injury prevention and rehabilitation ? including Leukotape sports tape. Rehabilitation tape and support adhesive like Leukotape are used to help patients recover from a sports related injury, manage muscle or joint pain, relieve pressure and provide stability to muscles and joints.

What is Leukotape Rehab Tape?

Leukotape is a rayon-backed rehabilitation tape with a high tensile strength. Its zinc oxide adhesive ensures that once wrapped Leukotape will remain in place for hours, even when a patient is active and in motion. Leukotape P can be hand-torn though try to use a good pair of bandage scissors to keep the adhesive in tact for best results.

Leukotape is used in combination with Cover-Roll Stretch, a support adhesive bandage. The hypoallergenic Cover-Roll Stretch bandage acts as a first layer making it ideal for patients that are prone to skin allergies.

Warning: Leukotape P contains natural rubber latex and may cause an allergic reaction.


What to Use Leukotape P Sports Tape For:

Leukotape sports tape is primarily used for patella-femoral taping and shoulder taping. It works by affecting the bio-mechanics of soft tissue such as muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments which makes it ideal for neuromuscular reeducation. Without this reeducation, soft tissue will become accustomed to the limited range of motion that resulted from an injury.


How to Preform Patella-femoral Taping with Leukotape:

When using a rigid, highly adhesive rehabilitation tape like Leukotape the McConnell Taping Technique is often used to ensure proper patellar positioning. The McConnell Taping Technique keeps kneecaps aligned by first applying the Cover-Roll Stretch bandage directly to the skin from the outer edge to the inner edge of the knee while the patient is lying or sitting down with their legs extended out flat on the ground.

Next Leukotape should be applied over the Cover-Roll Stretch bandage to position the kneecap so that it remains properly aligned.


How to Perform Shoulder Taping with Leukotape:

When realigning the shoulder using Leukotape sports tape retraining the muscles is key. As with patellar taping, Cover-Roll Stretch bandage should be used first to protect the skin. The patient should sit and place their elbow on a table so that the shoulder is positioned at a 45 degree angle.

Next, use the Leukotape to create anchors by placing long strips from the nipple up over the shoulder to the back as well as around the rib cage. Also wrap Cover-Roll and Leukotape around the bicep. Then apply strips of tape from the shoulder to the bicep.

Remember. . .

Leukotape rehab tape shouldn?t be left on for more than 18 hours due to its constrictive nature. Leaving the rehabilitation tape on for longer than the recommended time could result in adverse skin reactions. If your skin is sensitive to adhesives, try using Skincote Protective Dressing. It is a specially-formulated rub-on solution that forms a barrier coating before the tape is applied over the affected area.

Consult your physician first to discuss which taping method will work best for your specific injury.


Other uses for Leukotape:

Blister prevention is one of the more popular alternative uses for Leukotape. Professional and amateur athletes from runners to mountain climbers use Leukotape prior to activity by taping high blister-prone areas such as the ball of the foot and the heel. The key to good adhesion is to clean the foot with soap and warm water and towel-dry. Once dry, apply a strip of Leukotape directly to the skin and rub the backing to ensure good adhesion. If a blister is already present, place either an adhesive bandage or small piece of non-stick gauze over the blister, then apply the Leukotape over the bandage though be sure that the adhesive surrounds the bandage and is in full contact with the skin. If the area is wider than the tape then overlap the first strip by at least one quarter of an inch.


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